Thursday, 11 October 2012

A Gift for Me

This is the poem from brothers Ameen Misran, one of Langit members. This poem also give me one spirit and I don't know where is come but what my heart said "A gift for me" a gift from Allah to me is my lovely mum.

Title: A gift for me
Performer: Ameen Misran

You are a gift to me,
you are a living inspiration for all of humanity.

You are a mother,
You are a sister,
you are a daughter,
you are a wife,
but whoever you are,
you certainly give life.

You were the first one to listen to my maiden cry,
you were the one who raised me without questioning why.

You are the sholder for me to cry on,
You were the one who corrected me when I was wrong.

You are a gift to me from the start,
how can I not love you with all my heart?

The prophet said "Ashabi kan nujum,"
"My companions are like stars",
choose whoever star you want to be and never be doomed.

Be like Khadijah, Aisyah, Hafsa, Safiyyah,
the best women with best names,
who astounded the world with their fiery flames.

Who says that you are weaklings?
You are no different from us,
you are mujahids in feministic beings.

You don't deserve to bear a child of an infertile man,
you do not deserve to be taken away by absurd gentlemen.

Your love is too sacred,
Only those who are qualified are able to make it.

No poetry in the world can describe my feelings when I see you dress up properly,
no word can define how I feel when I see your shyness in preservation but firmness in determination.

You are blessings in disguise,
You are valuable manisfestations,
priceless creations and you should know that.

Now, I beg you,
you will never give up,
you will never just quit,
you will never give in,
you will never submit.

You truly are a gift to me,
A gift to us all of humanity,
The future of Islam is in your hands,
it begins from where you stand.